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Our prices are competitive with other area certified permanent makeup artists, however the discount permanent eyeliner, etc that you are seeing pop up now in nail salons are NOT my competitors. I am a TX registered nurse and also a professional artist. My continuing education requirements are 20 hrs every 2 yrs; for 2014 my course of choice was Breast Cancer from NetCE. I use sterile medical grade pigment, hypoallergenic, quality EXPENSIVE pigment. I thoroughly researched my school, how long they had been teaching, and their line of pigment before I paid to take their courses. My studio is 100% disposable (including one-time-use needles) and my machine is top-of-the-line Cheyenne hawk pen designed so there is NO danger of backflow of the client's blood. Nothing has to be autoclaved to use on the next client.  After every procedure, what is not thrown away(stool, table, etc) is wiped down with a disinfectant to destroy any blood-borne pathogens including HIV, hepatitis, flesh-eating staph germs. I am OSHA, CDC and Texas Health Dept compliant. My studio has no other services in it such as salon or nail services where the airborne chemicals can affect your procedure with me.  Your safety is my #1 priority!

blessings, Janice Cattanach, RN, CPDA

Permanent Makeup Beautiful You

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I use the Softap hand tool method on brows & eyeliner, which is gentler on the skin than using a machine. All of my clients prefer the hand tool!  I stretch the skin to put the pigment just below the epidermis, about the thickness of a dime. It takes about 3- 4 hours for brows or eyeliner, counting the design & color selection.


After eyeliner there is some temporary swelling, & redness; the eyes may feel a little scratchy the first day. It is very important to follow the aftercare instructions. 50% of your success depends on my application. As a nurse I am very careful to follow OSHA and Texas Health Dept guidelines. The other 50% depends on how careful you are with the open skin and how carefully you follow instructions not to touch it with your fingers, but only a clean q-tip and ointment I will give you. To prevent an infection, you will also need to buy a fresh tube of mascara. Save your current one to use when the skin is healed.  Detailed instructions are given after your eyeliner is done. No eye makeup for a week. You don't want to get any germs into that open skin.


  If you care for your eyeliner well by using sunglasses to prevent the sun from fading your pigment, it can last many years. Chlorine pools, salt water, sun exposure,  can all eventually fade your beautiful eyeliner. Of course if you love to swim in the summertime, just plan to have touch-ups as needed!  Enjoy waking up with make-up!



Beautiful You!


$100 extra at touch up procedure for thick eyeliner

$100 for additional colors each

EYELINER: $300 (touch up recommended-$100)


EYEBROWS: soft color, also called powder brows $300 (Touch up if needed- $100)

Eyebrow Embroidery (microbladed hairstrokes) $300, (Touch up recommended 1 month later-$100) 


LIPS: $400 Liner & feathered in 


TATTOOS: $100 first hour; includes the drawing & preparation; $75 / hr for additional hours

AREOLAS (NIPPLES) same price as tattooing (usually takes 1-2hrs) see photos below!

COLOR RESTORATION for white spots, scars, vitiligo, cleft lip camouflage, thinning hair or

baldness same price as tattooing.

WAXING: Women: brows $10.  Full face $25 Men: Deluxe $50 includes ears, nose, brows, collar


TATTOO LIGHTENING: $100 first hour, $75 additional hours


SKIN NEEDLING/COLLAGEN INDUCTION for wrinkles: $150 (done w tattoo pen, targets specific areas, can do up to 12 per year) includes take home bottle of peptides for building collagen



$20 per 30 min session per area ($10 per area for Environ skin care customers)

TCA or Lactic Acid PEEL:  $50 (included in Environ skin care user's facials) 

Pamper Me Custom Facial"- $90 ($65 for Environ users, includes a peel if needed)

I start you with a deep cleansing natural scrub of your choice specific for your skin type, custom blended at chairside for your skin type to target: dark spots, dry patches, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, wrinkles, roughness, acne, blackheads, oiliness, fine lines. Then I apply steaming towels to soften the skin for blackhead extractions. Depending on your skin's need I will use an Environ masque. Rose oil toner and Environ nourishing vitamin moisturizing oil are massaged into the skin for a radiant glowing complexion!  Top of the line physician's formula Environ skin care products used during your session with me. Come and be spoiled for approximately 90 minutes. You will leave feeling refreshed and your skin will be soft, clean and glowing!


ENVIRON DAILY SKIN CARE REGIME: $150 for basic kit plus tax for 3 months supply of rich collagen nourishing emollients with A,C,E vitamins & peptides


immediately after.

Immediately After

Natural upper eyelash enhancement

What a difference eyebrows can make! As we get older, the brow hairs that we tweeze no longer grow back. Go from skimpy brows to beautiful brows! Hairline strokes fill in sparse hair, and arching just above the brow line gives you an instant face lift! Bring your brow pencil and I will match your favorite color. Then YOU will draw on your brows with my colored pen, and I will pigment your lines in about 1 1/2 hours including numbing time! You will need a touchup in 1-10 yrs depending on how you care for your new eyebrows. Wear some type of sun protection on them everyday. I use Environ spf 30 sunscreen, and I wear sunglasses in the Texas summers.


Remember, eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters, look at natural eyebrows and you will see they are not mirror images of each other!



Beautiful You!

Beautiful Brows

© 2014 Beautiful You by Janice

Brows that match her base hair color & thick eyeliner, upper & lower

 Sometimes we just need a change. This beautiful lady had two great losses in recent years, a beloved father and a precious son. She has come through it with the help of our God. She turns 57 in a few weeks, and wanted to make a change for the better. She has lost quite a bit of weight, and felt it was time to change her look too! I'm so glad she came to me, and together we chose her colors for her eyebrows. She wanted a soft look, and we chose to do a shaded color, which will be a dark brown. Then black simulated hairs in the center. She had some fine hairs in her eyebrows, and a beautiful natural arch, so this was easy to make the brows she had thicker and darker. Immediately after her procedure, her brows will be very dark for 1-4 weeks, b/c the pigment is in the epidermis along with blood. This layer will completely peel off, and her color will be seen through the color of her newly healed upper layer of skin, the epidermis. She also wanted black eyeliner, which has defined her beautiful brown/green eyes. We also started her on skin care and did Skin Needling/Derma Rolling.  2nd pic: she's wearing foundation and a little lip stain only. She looks 10 years younger, hip, and gorgeous! Very convenient for her, if she doesn't want to wear foundation, she is ready to go at a moment's notice!

Embroidered Brows

Lip Liner:

$400 includes

2 appointments


Feathered in: $500 includes:

2 appointments



  Luscious Lips! Have you lost your lip line? Are they thin? Lip liner feathered in can help correct both these issues.  NOTE: If you have ever had the chicken pox, and/or a cold sore, you MUST be on Valtrex or other prescription medicine to prevent a fever blister. You need to give your doctor's office a call and ask them to call you in a prescription for fever blisters for at least 8-10 days. You should be on it 3 days before, and 5 days after your lip procedure. If you have severe fever blisters, get the Dr. to prescribe the cream as well. Irritation to the lips causes the fever blister virus to activate. If you get a fever blister, you will have wasted all your $ because the blisters make the pigment float right out of the skin! I cannot do a lip procedure unless you show me your prescription bottle. 


Follow up care: Moisten 3-4 times a day with the aftercare I give you. After 2 wks they will be healed but tender for awhile longer. Use lip balm with a high spf to protect your new color.


Joannah is beautiful with her full lips even without lipstick. She brought her favorite color and we matched it as close as possible. She used my marker to outline her lips and then we filled in her drawing! She chose a full lip procedure (talk to me about your lip procedure).  Wow, this gal can really wake up with makeup!



Beautiful You!

Beautiful Tattoos

beautiful you tattoos

Paramedical Procedures

 Areola (NIPPLE) repigmentation:


* reimbursable by some insurances when procedure is done by a nurse


Tattoo designs such as Casie's are done on an hourly basis, please come in for a free consult to discuss your design and prices. Thank you!

Dallas Morning News Interview Oct 2015

The women's health and cancer rights act of 1998

IS FEDERAL LAW and requires most insurance companies that cover mastectomies to also cover reconstruction.



Alternate designs


in place of traditional

areola tattoos


Celebrate survival!

 Kolorsource pigments for areolas!


Below left are the peachy shades for tan skin. Middle are the pinky shades for ivory skin. Right is the darkest areola desired, in chocolate.  I will try the shades on your skin and we will decide which color goes best with your complexion. 


Casie's story:

After having two mastectomies I considered having reconstructive surgery. After weighing the pros and cons, I elected not to. I hated my scars though. I wouldn't even look in the mirror at myself. I was looking on facebook and found an app where you could try different tattoos on. I pulled up the artists, and lo and behold I found Janice!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get this done right here in my home town!! I gave Janice my ideas and she designed my beautiful bra!! We shared A LOT of laughs and a few tears. I love you, my friend!!

Thanks for making me feel beautiful again!!

I love this gal! So thankful God brought us together. When Casie came in last year, she told me she wanted a black bra. We looked at a lot of designs together, talked about the elements we both liked, and this is the drawing she settled upon. She wanted pearls & black beads, and a heart charm with an infinity sign that represents God's love for her! 


WATCH: The you tube video:


This was such a sweet time together, and I got to know a brave young woman and some of the struggles she has overcome in dealing with surviving cancer. She is beautiful inside and out! A scripture comes to mind when I think of her: "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25 You go girl!!!


Vitiligo is such a heartbreak.  At age 5 this beautiful lady started losing her pigment, it is an "auto-immune" disorder. Her mom took her to many doctors, but even now-a-days, there is no cure. So at age 74, she decided to have camouflage tattooing done.  Left is before; right is immediately after, I will add another layer of color, and at this time she had decided not to color close to her eyes. This process improves the look of vitiligo, and depending on the individual's healing process, we add color. Vitiligo sometimes stabilizes, and in a year or two, the tattooing may need a little color burst, other times, the vitiligo continues to 'steal' color, and we just pigment on the edges as needed, from time to time when the client is ready.



  • Skin Needling can be done weekly or monthly up to 24 treatments).

Hate those creases & wrinkles? Acne pits? Chicken pox holes? Tight scars? Cellulite? Stretch Marks? Any of these are good candidates for skin needling! The dry needle is placed into the sunken spot. The small injury causes the brain to signal a wound- and SEND COLLAGEN to repair the wound! This plumps creases, wrinkles & pits. Shallow lines most often only need 1-2 treatments, 6 weeks apart; lasts for years. THIS IS NOT AN ONGOING COST. It is really a big bang for your buck! You should be doing skin care anyway, that is your only ongoing cost, and I use Environ skin care, it is more economical than other higher priced lines. I will give you the info you need to get good results. Depending on the depth of the area, 1-6 treatments may be necessary in order to raise the pit/crease to the surface level.  Immediately after, the areas look like cat scratches. A dermal roller is a good tool to use after skin needling, but a roller cannot get into the creases, wrinkles, etc. like needling can in order to accomplish the desired plumping.


To keep your skin looking good, you will need a good skin care system. There are only 3 products I recommend, so skin care is simple and do-able for our busy lifestyles today! You use your own cleanser. EVERY PERSON SHOULD WEAR SUNSCREEN SPF 30 OR HIGHER UNDER THEIR MAKEUP EVERY DAY. The sun is a wrinkling machine. Compare your facial skin with your breast skin or stomach where you get no sun. 


Derma Rolling is a fairly new discovery for preventing new wrinkles, smoothing acne scarring, tightening sagging skin.  Derma Rolling: monthly per session (includes facial analysis and recommendations). *If you discontinue derma rolling, your skin will gradually return to the normal aging process.


 I recommend using Environ your hands, neck & chest as well especially if you are 30 yrs or older.  If you don't maintain your work with a good skin system, it's like going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned, then not brushing your teeth for 6 months!


If you are a burn victim and you have tight scars, needling also works by softening the scar tissue and increasing mobility and comfort. The needle goes in to break up shallow connective tissue from the body's natural defense repair system- a scar. Just being able to eat normally instead of being restrained by tight scar tissue means so much to a burn victim with facial scarring around the mouth. Please call or come by and we can discuss the possibilities!


From my school:

History of Skin Needling, International Institution of Permanent Makeup:


Ms. Church, founder of IIPM, Costa Mesa, California, has been performing Skin Needling since 1988. Her articles were published in 1991 in the ‘Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals’ (SPCP) Newsletters as well as in other publications on these remarkable findings. Ms. Church has also lectured to medical and beauty professionals on numerous occasions sharing photos of burn, scar, cancer, as well as ‘everyday’ clients that request her services.


The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is a nationally recognized educational organization, founded by world-renown industry authority Susan Church. Her expertise as a Permanent Makeup Artist combined with her personally-developed training methods makes Susan the most coveted Permanent Cosmetics educator in the business.

International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is arguably the most prestigious and successful Permanent Cosmetics Institute in the world, and has been setting and exceeding industry standards since its inception.

In 1988, on one of the very first people Ms. Church worked on was an acne patient. Custom blended pigment was inserted into the pitted scared areas. The results were amazing. The pitted skin on her face and back not only blended with the surrounding tissue but plumped up in the pitted areas and stayed that way for years giving her skin a smoother texture.

Since 1988 Ms. Church, of the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics (IIPC), has developed techniques in “Inkless Applications” that restore melanocytes in damaged tissue, or skin disorders that were congenital. She introduced her technique of Skin Needling after discovering that the process aided in restoring collagen to damaged areas and promoting skin terger. With this discovery, Ms. Church has performed numerous procedures that have provided children with these conditions a better chance of normalcy and an ability to develop their self-esteem. 

IIPC has been called the 'Pioneer' in permanent makeup training and education. When it all started, Ms. Church simply saw an opportunity to expand on a course of action that someone else had started. Students revere IIPC and companies are always trying to emulate us. This in itself speaks volumes.

Ms. Church has educated thousands of professionals in the medical, dental and beauty industry, many of which have gone on to become instructors.

Ms. Church has worked in concert with dozens of physicians lecturing at medical venues, and has learned from them as well.

By continuously establishing and exceeding the standards held by the Permanent Makeup Industry, International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics and Susan Church Permanent Makeup Education remain the authorities in Permanent Cosmetic Education and Products. 



Susan Church developed / invented Skin Needling™ Scar Relaxation Melanocyte Restoration while working on burn survivors in her clinic and physicians offices.


Susan has lectured almost on a yearly basis on these procedures. Others have taken her procedures, added other treatments to them and have had fantastic results!

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per 1 hour session

A receding hairline can be camouflaged to blend into the hair by using pointilism, or dots of pigment. As the hair loss worsens, clients come in to maintain a nice hairline. It also camouflages thinning hair on women by using this technique. We can cover a bald spot in the hair; camouflage scalp where there's a scar and the hair doesn't grow in that area. 

ABOVE: Before: Many people do hair restoration where plugs of hair are removed from the back of the head for transplantation to the front. He now wants to shave his head. RIGHT: After camouflage with permanent pigments

MELANOCYTE RESTORATION $100 for 1 hour session


Melanocytes are responsible for the color of our skin. They can be brought back to life in scar tissue, vitiligo and hypo-pigmented tissue. Procedures are done 4-6 wks apart for 3 times before corrective pigment camouflage is done. After all, the natural color given to us by God

matches our natural color the best!

ABOVE: BEFORE:This client had a large infection behind his ear that left major scarring. 

RIGHT: AFTER melanocyte restoration

BELOW LEFT: Client had 'sun spots' where the skin had lost small patches of color.

CENTER: Immediately after melanocyte restoration

BELOW RIGHT: Healed area with restored color

Beautiful You!