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As you are well aware, finding the best, results oriented skin care regime is challenging. Not only are there many products competing for your attention, but also the changing world environment demands new solutions to ensure healthy skin. Increases in pollutants and chemicals in our environment plus the effects of a thinning ozone layer have contributed to increases in photo-damage, pigmentation, acne and a plethora of other skin problems.

Now, you can experience the results driven skin care line that is the secret to beautiful skin, for Hollywood stars, royalty, fashion icons and people in the know, who use and love it! Environ® Skin Care products, a cosmeceutical line, backed by science, incorporates the latest technology in enhancement of high grade vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and peptides to help restore, protect and maintain the appearance of a healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. Assist in undoing the damage and achieving your skin care goals with the world's most effective products and treatments. Environ® Skin Care, the gold standard for scientific skin care, gets results!

Products are available only through physicians and medically affiliated spas, and are never sold on the internet, in retail stores or through catalogues. To learn about Environ products:


Collagen is most commonly found in the skin, bones and connective tissue within the body, providing structural support, strength and a degree of elasticity (in combination with elastin).

 Environ Skin care is scientifically formulated to provide nutrients essential to building collagen, so you are getting the building blocks needed to produce your own body's collagen right into the dermal layer.  It is a very slow, natural process, so I recommend taking before/after photos and patience!


Notes on Environ skin care products:

  • A very small amount goes a long way. Do not waste your products!

  • Great for any age, we urge you to start young, before sun damage and neglect take their toll on your skin.

  • Use sun screen (30 spf or above) daily!

  • The Environ skin care line is very economical and lasts longer than many of the higher priced skin lines. 




Please give your skin care products time to work; it takes 28 days for the top layer of skin (epidermis) to renew completely to a new layer on the face. You should see a difference by 6 months; depending on previous sun damage & age, it may take longer to see results, but damage did not occur overnight, and it won't be improved overnight either. 




Extra considerations:

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid sleep wrinkles. If you prefer to sleep on one side, look at that side of your face. You will develop more wrinkles, sags, on that side! Cotton absorbs about 45 times its weight; compare to silk, at 11%. Your expensive skin care should feed your face, not your pillow! Silk is antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic. Silk is recommended for eczema. I do offer genuine silk pillowcases for a donation to the White Peacock, a Christian ministry in India. All but $1 goes directly to them, I make no money from their ministry. When you buy one of their products, you are helping an Indian woman feed her family. You are also helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ- a win-win situation!


*Feed your face with Environ nutrients.

*Nourish your skin from the inside by taking a multivitamin every day!

*Drink water all day; keep it with you. Minimize or eliminate other beverages except natural products, such as lemon juice in water, milk, juice, etc. 

*NEVER EVER touch your face with your hands, unless they are freshly washed. Think of everything we touch. You transfer other people's germs and your own everywhere you touch. Get used to using the back of your hand when you have to touch and can't wash. It is much cleaner than the palm side.


You will be amazed at the difference in your skin! I urge my clients to use Environ 2x a day for 6 months and you will see and feel a difference. Use the products on your neck, chest, arms & hands if desired. 


Collagen CANNOT be made without vitamin C, a scientific fact.  Do your own research, you will find there are medical studies on what products I've learned that work.  And you don't need a large variety of them, 2-4 products depending on your concerns, so you don't have to spend a lot of money. 


What causes wrinkles?

According to the LP Institute at Oregon State University, skin aging is characterized by decreasing support from the dermis to the epidermis. Ridges on the interface between the two layers are diminished, preventing the dermis from providing adequate mechanical support to the epidermis. Collagen levels are lower and extracellular proteins in the dermis are more disorganized in skin of older individuals compared to younger adults. 


The role of retinol (vitamin A derivative) in repairing the skin:

Topical retinoids lead to visible improvement in fine wrinkling, smoothness, and hyperpigmentation of photodamaged skin. Topical retinoids induce a number of histological changes in both the epidermis and dermis, and it is thought that changes in dermal collagen underlie the observed clinical improvements. Both clinical and histological skin parameters return to baseline upon discontinuation of topical application of retinoids; thus, a long-term maintenance regimen is necessary to sustain retinoid-induced improvements. LPI at Oregon State University


The role of Vitamin C in collagen synthesis:

Clinical studies have shown that the topical use of Vit. C increases collagen production in young as well as aged human skin. With an excellent safety profile, it finds increasing use in photoageing (wrinkling & brown spots due to sun exposure), hyperpigmentation (purple/brown color of scars), tissue inflammation and promotion of tissue healing. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen.  US Library of Medicines and Natural Institutes of Health 


I am happy to share this information with you. Please pass it on!  Thank you for visiting my Beautiful You website; I pray the beauty of Queen Esther, who, after 1 year of beauty treatments, won the heart of her King!