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To have a successful procedure,  follow these Permanent Makeup Tips:


General After Care Instructions for Permanent Cosmetic Make-up Applications

For 7 –10 days following application of permanent cosmetics adhere to these Permanent Makeup Tips. Your procedure should be completely healed in 4-6 weeks, when you will be ready for your second application of color.

  • After your procedure, your part is to avoid infection until your skin is healed. I use 100% disposable supplies including single-use needles. What can't be thrown away is disinfected after each procedure (chair, cords, table, stool, etc.). I use a surgical mask, non-latex gloves. I use sterile, medical grade, hypoallergenic pigment. My machine is a Cheyenne Hawk Pen, a top-of-the-line product with no danger of backflow. I take every precaution possible to protect you and me from blood-borne pathogens such as: HIV, flesh-eating staph, and hepatitis. I am OSHA and Health Dept of Texas compliant. I am an RN; certified in permanent makeup, areola repigmentation, and skin needling.

  • I have found that procedures heal best if kept dry as much as possible. As any scabbing or crusting starts to heal and pull away, be careful not to scrub it off as it can take your pigment with it when it is pulled off. I know this is hard to do!

  •  Remember the best way to prevent an infection is to keep your fingers and fingernails AWAY from your procedure site! Wash your hands frequently in case of accidental touching. Infections are rare because your needle is sterile and one-time use. Most infections are caused by contact with something contaminated, such as fingernails, current mascara or other makeup. I suggest you use freshly washed fingertips, or  a clean q-tip on a regular basis to apply your base makeup.  Beauty consultants say this is a huge area of concern to them, that clients do not realize how easily their makeup becomes contaminated with germs.

  • Overuse of your healing product will not let the area heal properly. 

  • Remove your contacts before the procedure, the pigment is like fine sand and it does get in your eye during eyeliner procedure. I advise wearing your glasses for 3-7 days after eyeliner, just because the pigment will be flaking off, and you don't want the pigment grains under your contact! You could cause a corneal abrasion, worse case scenerio.

  • No make-up, tinting of lashes or brows, sun, soap, sauna, steam, exercise, Hot Yoga, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools, lakes, rivers or in the ocean, gardening, animals by the procedure area until area is completely healed post procedure and after all color refreshers. *EXCEPTION: after 24hrs post skin needling of any kind, you may use new Mineral makeup and a new brush .

  • If you experience any itching, lightly apply the ointment on a q-tip to the itchy area. Don't rub hard enough to remove any scabbing, especially in the first week! It will pull the pigment out with the scab! Do not rub or traumatize the procedure area while it is healing.

  • Use sunscreen daily after the procedure area has healed (approximately 2 wks) to prevent future fading of pigment color (eyebrows & lips, do not use sunscreen on eyeliner. Wear sunglasses).

  • Sleep on a CLEAN satin or silk pillowcase  and clean sheets while the procedure area is healing.

  • Aloe Vera  and Carmex can pull the color out of some clients  procedure area, so we suggest that clients do not use these products while they are healing. Sometimes ‘Natural’  or ‘Organic’ products compromise the integrity of the pigment color.

  • Remember all procedures must HEAL, PEEL, and FADE! This process may take up to 40 days.

  • Do not use ANY products that contain AHA’s, Vitamin A, Retinol A or similar lightening and peeling products on the procedure area. (Example Glycolic, Lactic Acids. Check your product labeling) It will fade your  pigment color.

  • Remember, your final color=pigment + your skin color. Each person's skin heals differently, and some common medications can affect how your color heals & looks under the skin. Sometimes part of your skin won't take the pigment well, and scar tissue is particularly difficult.

  • Don't ever rub your eyes vigorously if you've had eyeliner permanently applied. You can possibly move some of the pigment to the outside corners if you rub hard enough.

  • We do not do procedures on pregnant women. Wait until you have delivered and then come for your procedure. Hormones can affect pigment color as well. Your skin coloring changes during pregnancy, and returns to normal a few weeks after giving birth.

  •  Bacteria in an open wound will cause an infection.  Protect your procedure area from the sun. The suns rays reflect up from water  and sand so you must wear a hat.

  • Do not bleach your teeth until lips are totally healed. The higher percentage of Carbamide peroxide in the bleaching  gel the more color it can pull out of the lips.

    Wait to bleach your teeth until after your color refresher has totally healed.

  • Keep your hands and fingers away from a new eyeliner. If you must touch your eye, use a new, clean cotton swab.

     If the procedure area increases in pain,redness, swelling, has a discharge, you may have an infection. If this gets worse each day, go see your doctor!

  • Smoking should be limited if you have had a lip procedure. The filter when placed against the new lip color can pull off the tattooed skin. This will ruin your lip procedure. If you must smoke, twirl the filter in petroleum jelly before you smoke. This will help to eliminate tearing the newly pigmented  tissue off of the lips.

  • After lip procedure, DO NOT USE A STRAW, use a spoon for a few days. The sucking motion could dislodge some pigment.

  • DON'T WORRY if you have a dot or spot that didn't take the first time. There's usually one spot that won't take on most people, we will repigment that one spot, or if it heals a little thinner on one side than the other, that's what the 2nd appointment is for. 

  • NO DIRECT SUN FOR 2 WKS. Your new tattoo will be sensitive to the sun, you will notice discomfort when exposed to sunlight. Avoid sunbathing at all costs.  A burn will absolutely ruin your new tattoo.

  • Avoid soaking your procedure area in water, like in the hot tub; the healing process will have to start all over.

  • Schedule your eyeliner for after your eyelash extensions have been removed. 

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