Hi I'm an RN who became interested in skin care. I am 68 years old in the above photo, and I have taken care of my skin since I was 28 years old. I had cystic acne, and struggled with it from age 14 until I was 62 and discovered I was gluten sensitive. Once I eliminated gluten, in 3 days the painful cystic acne was completely gone. I was pretty shocked! Because of the acne, I have always read everything I could get my hands on about having healthy skin. I'm passionate about it!

I also love keeping up with the latest anti-aging discoveries. You have probably bought your share of 'facelift in a bottle' products. What a big industry it is! Women and men want to look good as they age, and I'm no exception. But you and I know there's no such thing as a facelift in a bottle. It's a gimmick and a billion/trillion dollar industry. So how do we age beautifully based on scientific study? 

Until I went to school, I had no idea what product was hype and what really might work. How exciting to learn I had been using the one medically documented anti-aging product called vitamin A! At age 28, my dermatologist put me on Retin A for acne. It works by exfoliating the skin faster so pimples don't have as much time to form, the top of the pore stays peeled off. Speaking of peeling, back then they did not know how to minimize the irritation, dryness & peeling; it was a new discovery. So I struggled to use vitamin A off and on through the years. The doctor also told me if I would use it, I would have less wrinkles as I aged. I wasn't really concerned about wrinkles at that time, because I had terrible acne. I had an employee ask me why I didn't go to a dermatologist, so that embarrassment caused me to make an appointment. 

Fast forward to age 62- about the same time I stopped eating gluten & having acne, I went back to school where I learned about the importance of vitamins for beautiful skin, especially A. When my school stopped selling skin care, I started looking for a good line to offer my skin clients. I began to look up plastic surgeon conferences around the world, and what doctor was teaching other plastic surgeons. That's where I came across Dr. Des Fernandes' name. I googled him, and found that he had been doing research on the effects of vitamin A on aging skin since the 1990's! He is based out of South Africa, and I learned that he had invented his own medical line of skin care. Now I only needed to know if we could buy the basic kit for about $50 a month. The rep told me, yes! The beginning basic kit is $150 plus tax for a 3 month supply.  It's a step up system so the skin can get used to the vitamins gradually. Each step (1-5) has increasing amounts of vitamins A,C,E and peptides in it. The step 5 kit is the end of this line, and is $158.50 plus tax. 


Back to aging skin- our skin will age; we will have sagging along with that, and most of us get lines. The ONLY remedy is plastic surgery to remove the excess skin that has lost elasticity. But even if you opt for surgery, you still MUST nourish your skin! You don't want to spend that amount of money and have dry dull ugly stretched skin (you've seen the wind-blown look!). You want supple, healthy, glowing skin. Then you don't need a lot of makeup! Makeup gets in your lines and makes you look older. Powder = dried up prune skin. I only use tinted Environ sunscreen now for my foundation, because my skin is healthy! I always say, give the skin the vitamins it needs, and it will repair itself the way God created it to!


I love to give relaxing facials, but when my clients come to me with skin care concerns like sun damaged skin, or fine lines, wrinkles, etc. , my main goal is to improve your skin. The damage doesn't happen overnight, and it is not reversed overnight, but protection from the sun + the recommended use of the product 2x a day will, over time, result in better appearance of those lines, sallowness & dryness. I also do a lot of teaching as I do your facial. I know what to do, and so I pass that on to you. If YOU look good, I look good! I love seeing skin change.  Give me a call today, make an appointment for a consultation, I'll tell you all about how to have nice skin, no matter your age. I do not use pressure tactics to sell, I'll recommend what you need based on my facial analysis of your skin; you decide what, if any, product fits in your budget over the basic kit (such as extra moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen, eye gel). I hate sales pressure! Beautiful You 903-243-5302